Brighton Beach And Arctic Monkeys

 Brighton Beach, clean, fresh water, golden sand and the Brighton Bathing Boxes. There are 82 brightly coloured, yet uniform bathing boxes. They are Victorian in their architecture and their enduring sentiment of being a place to get discreetly changed in. Nowadays you can pay the equivalent of a small apartment to buy one of these and they tend to get handed down through generations of beach-goers. 40 degree day. On the beach by 9am. Good.

 The Arctic Monkeys played in Melbourne on the 2nd of January at the Palace on Bourke Street. I was there. The Palace is a big old-school venue with a big lower floor area and then layers of stalls up to the back. The Arctic Monkeys are from England and this year marks 10 years of making music together. They were one of the first bands to come into public favour via the internet. Lots of energy. Good amount of English accent coming through the lyrics. A couple of flying drumsticks. And one pair of way too tight white jeans. Very rock star.


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