milling till dusk

I didn’t even know what a grinder was and now I can wield one, if not like a pro, then like a very helpful girlfriend…And drilling? All over it.

My man wants to build a wooden seat overlooking the sea at Stony Point, on the Mornington Peninsula. He wants to use cypress and as it happens his sister’s brother-in-law had just felled a cypress.

Now, he is a relative newcomer to the world of Alaskan sawmills but had already constructed one using a Stihl 066 and a smallish bar plus some youtube videos, a ladder, and a level to construct a very impressive contraption that slabbed a Gum tree down on the peninsula.

Upping the ante, a 42″ bar was ordered online and duly arrived. Apparently alloy tempered steel does not allow for drilling through the bar to attach to the (and here I am going to use French teacher/food writer AKA not technical language) gadget that guides the bar through the log for milling.

So after a bit of mucking around on Sunday, and an eventual conversation about clamping versus drilling, we got over early to Lilydale on Monday to mill the tree. These things always take longer than anticipated and the set up of the aforementioned gadget took all day, including me making the acquaintance of the grinder and the drill. So we only got to mill the top off the log after the sun had set and Venus had appeared in the sky but this is such an impressive set up. It had been explained it to me but it’s not until you see these things in action, you think, wowsers. This man. He blows me away.

Relationships have lots of aspects you never consider until you enter them. Learning, all the time learning; about myself, my guy, nature and possibilities I didn’t even know were there.


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