The Cambridge dictionary defines hiatus as, “a short pause in which nothing happens or is said, or a space where something is missing.”

In light of this explanation, I’m not sure I can really describe my lack of attention to lyttelfishbigpond as a hiatus. Certainly outside of the blog, a lot has been happening and much has been said. It has just been about and for other people and publications. So in that respect, perhaps I have created a little space, or lyttel space, if you will, where something is missing. So it might be time I came back.

When talking the other day about the end of daylight saving time and the creeping in of autumnal chilliness, I asked as so many do, “where does the time go?” And I was answered with complete and bewildering logic, “into the past.” Which it does. My sage friend then continued, “but that’s not a bad thing, as long as you have no regrets and fully enjoy the moment.”



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