After the tears or after the dancing…

3D dance documentaries. Who’d have thought?! And yet, beautiful, mesmerizing, utterly absorbing, transporting are words that come to mind having seen Pina. The Wim Wenders tribute or hommage (which makes it more european sounding) would have been stunning without 3D but I was pleasantly surprised that what i had previously thought of as a gimmick to be used with blockbuster special effect movies, could add another dimension (of course!!) to a documentary about movement and depth of feeling. The dancers in Pina’s Wuppertal company are passionate people. They live their dancing. 

Their inspirational leader, Pina, died suddenly during filming which added another layer to this documentary as the dancers express their sorrow, memories, what they have learned through dance snap-shots with backdrops in urban landscapes, quarries, forests and on stage.
Next tot he Classic, the cinema in Elsternwick, is After the Tears, a polish vodka bar. The name is a nod to the parent bar in Windsor, Vodka, Borsch and Tears, but I think having a bar called After the Tears next to a cinema is apt…well, if you’re me. I often cry at the end of a film whether it is a happy or sad ending. Cinema lights come on way too soon for sensitive souls like me…

Anyway, the vodka bar. A novel-length menu, largely filled with variations on the vodka theme with some polish food. Mum and I had honey vodka prawns and some kind of calamari dish with a side of asparagus. So good. But I need to go back to try out some of the other offerings…not to mention the vodka….


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